Buying secondary and tertiary various asset classes including but not limited to structured settlement payments, lottery winnings, contest winnings, timeshare receivables, life settlements, naming rights, royalties, pre-settlement receivables, etc. (“Periodic Payments”). These assets are an excellent source for diversifying an investment portfolio with a non-correlated and high credit rated payor.  As a registered Buyer on The Financial Xchange (TFX), you will have the ability to quickly identify assets that meet your investment strategy.

Gain access to cash flows representing:

  • Guaranteed future payments (period certain).
  • Life contingent future payments (period uncertain).
  • Blended payments of Guaranteed and Life Contingent future payments.
  • Monthly future payments.
  • Lump sum payments.
  • Combination of monthly and lump sum future payments.
  • Payment streams beginning now and continuing up to 40 years or anywhere in between.
  • Weighted Average Life (WAL).
  • Individual settlements as well as Portfolios of settlements available for purchase.

All Sellers have been screened and are in good standing before being accepted to TFX. Utilizing TFX also has the added security of a third party escrow for disbursement of funds.


What are the requirements to register on TFX?

All companies in good standing, regardless of size, that are interested in purchasing the cash flow assets are welcome to join TFX.  Registering is easy, just send us an email and one of our TFX Specialists can assist your through the process for quick approval or fill out our short registration form and you will be notified with the next steps on setting up your account.

Does my firm have to commit to buying a particular volume to maintain active on TFX?

No, as an approved Buyer on the exchange, there is no minimum requirement to purchase any cash flow streams.  Bid on as few or as many cash flow streams as you desire.   

How is my information secure on TFX?

TFX never shares or sells your information.  Your company information is never disclosed on the Xchange and only once you have successfully won a bid in the live auction will your contact information be shared with the Seller of the cash flow stream.  

Who are the Sellers on TFX?

TFX pre-qualifies all Sellers prior to placing any cash flow assets on our live auction.  Sellers must be a registered business entity in good standing and can demonstrate a history of successful transactions that they have managed through the asset assignment sales process.

Are there any fees to bid or purchase secondary cash flow streams on TFX Auction Platform?

Currently, TFX charges no fees to the Buyers of assets on our live auction platform. 

Does TFX offer any additional support as to the underwriting of the assets?  whether the assets were originated within state statutes(if applicable) and best industry underwriting protocols were followed?

Yes, TFX’s optional service “True Review” can be purchased at the Buyer’s option.  The True Review service is available per transaction and ensures that the Seller has complied with all requirements to transfer the ownership of the asset to the Buyer.  True Review does a full analysis of the asset transfer and can serve as added piece of mind to the Buyers underwriting process or can be relied on completely as the only evaluation process for the Buyers before accepting the purchase.  The True Review process is designed to confirm that the assets were originated within state statutes(if applicable) and that best industry underwriting protocols were followed. Information herein is believed, but not guaranteed, to be reliable, accurate and complete. Any opinions or estimates expressed herein reflect a judgment made as of this date and are subject to change. Neither (“TFX”) nor any of its employees is making any representations, warranties, or guarantees with respect to the information contained herein or any action taken or not taken in reliance thereon and, in no event, shall such parties be liable for any loss, injury or damage arising therefrom, including, but not limited to, consequential, punitive or other similar damage claims. In connection with TFX’s activities, we occasionally become subject to a variety of confidentiality obligations to funds, investors, portfolio companies and other third parties. Although TFX believes each transaction placed upon the Xchange is a legitimate offer for the sale of certain Periodic Payments, the Company can give no assurance that buyer and seller expectations will be attained due to unlikely but unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the future such as bankruptcy of the payor, fraud, potential disputes related to ownership of the asset, etc. 

Have another Question?  Email us at or give us a call at 1-833-839-5483 and one of our TFX specialist will be available to assist you.

Get your company registered today and start enjoying the benefits of TFX.