Companies that originate secondary and tertiary Periodic Payments for assignment sale though a judicial court order are dependent on securing the lowest cost of capital in a highly competitive market. Getting the best possible market rate can make the difference between a profitable transaction, month or even year. Keeping up with current market conditions is not always easy. By leveraging the vast network of qualified Buyers that invest in buying structured settlements and other Periodic Payment streams you can be confident that you will always get the best possible price for your transactions. 

Joining The Financial Xchange (TFX) will give you the following advantages:

  • Broadcast your available transaction to multiple investors ready to bid on your transaction in our live auction.
  • Get exposure to traditional and non-traditional funding sources.
  • Select the duration of how long to run your transaction on TFX live auction.
  • Set a “Buy Now” rate offering investors the opportunity to commit to your transaction immediately and end the auction process.
  • Save time by no longer having to negotiate or emails back and forth with multiple funding sources or having to keep pushing to bring down the rate to maintain profitability standards.


How do I register with TFX and what are the registration requirements?

All companies in good standing, regardless of size, that are interested in assigning cash flow assets via our live auction platform are welcome to join TFX. Registering is easy, just send us an email and one of our TFX Specialists can assist your through the process for quick approval or fill out our short registration form and your will be notified with next steps on setting up your business account.

Are there any fees or cost with registration or using the live auction?

No, there is currently no registration fee or ongoing subscription fee to register your business on TFX and start posting your available transaction on our live auction platform.

Who are the funding Sources/Buyers on TFX?

All Buyers have been carefully screened and are recognized institutions with the capital resources to fund any or all of your originated transactions. Some of the Buyers have been purchasing cash flow assets for decades and others our new to the industry.

How is my information protected and the identity of my clients secured?

TFX never shares or sells your information. Your client’s information is never shared on the Xchange with other Sellers. Only after a Buyer has made a bid that you accept is the details disclosed only to the winning Buyer to coordinate the transfer efficiently. 

Can a Buyer back out of purchasing a transaction after providing the lowest bid in the auction?

No, if a Buyer fails to fund a purchase after all transfer requirements have been met, the Buyer will be removed from TFX .

How quickly do the Buyers on TFX fund transactions ?

Buyers are eager to fund transactions as quick as possible.  In most cases, funding will occur within 48 hours of an approved court order in the case of structured settlement transfers or within 48 hours of final review of the Closing Binder in lottery payment transfers.  Buyers will work with Sellers to make accommodations for noncritical documents to be designated as post-closing items.

How is the gross purchase price disbursed?

Once the closing binder is accepted by the Buyer and you approve the breakdown of funding, instructions are given to the third party escrow agent to release funds immediately via wire, ACH or check as per instructed. The escrow agent will disburse funds directly to all parties involved.

Have another Question?  Email us at or give us a call at 800-839-5483 and one of our TFX specialists will assist you.

Get your company registered today and start enjoying the benefits of TFX.